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logo evolution at Ink Inc

Logo Evolution

It’s like the “missing link” in the evolution theory. Without that “link” it takes a significant amount of time to turn the crowd your way.

It’s the same thing with your identity.  A gradual evolution to maintain the ongoing investment you’ve made concerning your identity is not to be handled on a designers whim. It’s an investment beyond the cost of the design firm.

Consider every dollar you’ve spent on marketing and promotion, identity items, and so on. You get the picture. You’ve invested a significant dollar amount and effort in your companies identity.  To make a radical change is like bundling up all that money spent and burning it.

Don’t get me wrong it’s been done when you need to sever ties with a product or service that’s gone bad. Although I would still pitch for an evolution that’s a migration of your identity, and handle the issue with PR and advertising.

Remember the “New” Coca-Cola incident in 1985 when they tried to replace the formula? It was so radically rejected they had to drop and kick and bring it back as the original Coke Classic. They didn’t radically change the logo to run and hide from their blunder. They handled it through advertising and PR and ended up showing financial gains that year.

So when someone mentions a new logo…stop, look and listen. It could be a fresh evolution, or it could be an oncoming train. Need advice?

Just for kicks take a look at some of the evolutions here. Coke, Pepsi, Shell and Apple.


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