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logo evolution at Ink Inc

Logo Evolution

It’s like the “missing link” in the evolution theory. Without that “link” it takes a significant amount of time to turn the crowd your way. It’s the same thing with your identity.  A gradual evolution to maintain the ongoing investment you’ve made concerning your identity is not to be handled on a designers whim. It’s […]

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Photo explaining how we are committed to our customers

The Power of Print

Print has a significant impact and plays a very important role in marketing and advertising.  Could you imagine the Constitution of the United States as an email?  It’s the power of the printed word. There are still times when web-based marketing just can’t carry the impact of the message. Trade shows and direct mail catalogs […]

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a photo pointing out the lack of core values in today's marketing and advertising.

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God please save us from ourselves. This decade has taken us all through a transition where the only perception of value left is “how cheap can I get something”.  It’s embarrassing.  Our parents and their parents in general showed great pride in “real” value and not “perceived value”. Cheapskates are the new rock stars.  If […]

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